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Continued Mac Bluetooth Problems


Nick Heer:

I swear the Bluetooth drivers in MacOS went to hell somewhere around Sierra and haven’t recovered, even in Mojave. Both my Magic Trackpad 2 and old-style wireless keyboard lag. I know I’ve complained about this before but they are input devices, and ought to work perfectly.

Max Seelemann:

How can a Mac randomly forget it has Bluetooth? Overnight! During sleep mode! Even a restart did not help. Had to do a parameter reset? wtf.

I continue to have problems with spontaneous Bluetooth disconnections and with mouse lag that forces me to reboot. It does seem to help to either turn off Bluetooth on other Macs in the same room or to disable Handoff, but neither of those workarounds should be necessary. Everything worked fine for me until one of the early macOS 10.12.x updates.

Previously: macOS 10.13 High Sierra Released, My 2017 iMac, Sierra Bluetooth Problems and the Logitech K811 Keyboard.

Update (2018-08-15): When my Magic Mouse disconnects, I can often get it back by pressing the ToothFairy hotkey.

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4 days ago
yep. i have been plagued by this stupid since before El Cap. my 2008 mac pro which remains in limbo suffers the worst, to the point where i gave up my treasured magic trackpad and returned to a 10 year old logitech mouse i still had in the closet. whatever broke the trackpad in elcap apparently was fixed in a subsequent update, but never backported.

i also deal with keys that “stick” at work. the latter doesn’t seem to be restricted to bluetooth though. that happens whether my keyboard is paired via BT or via the logitech unify adapter.
Seymour, Indiana
3 days ago
That face when a third-party developer makes the experience better than the people that design the damned product to begin with. Tooth Fairy should NOT exist yet they do.
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4 days ago
I had to send my computer in for repairs for a week to "fix" its bluetooth issues and it didn't help at all.
Asking Apple to help me debug it was useless. They didn't ask a single question specific to the issue, they didn't look for any specific logs or error messages, just the same BS dance you would do for any issue that you have 0 knowledge of and 0 fucks to give: restart (always works for a while), restart in safe mode to see if still happens (no, because rebooting always works for a while), etc.

An error that causes bluetooth to stop working completely has to be logged somewhere, right? Surely there is an event fired when it locks up completely and/or has to be force quit, or even when the device(s) unexpectedly loses connection. The fact that none of the 3 people I dealt with ever bothered to check means they don't care or the OS doesn't bother tracking it. I refuse to believe the latter.
3 days ago
My $400 Sony headphones will pair but not connect with my Windows 10 box as of the most recent forced-update. I'm not so sure getting rid of headphone jacks is such a great idea.
3 days ago
I guess I should also mention the awesome iCloud “feature” of AirPods that causes them to be deleted from every device I own whenever they are deleted from my laptop.
3 days ago
"geniuses" at work. Apple's achilles heel of ignorance WILL manifest itself in their customer sat numbers soon enough. SOON. I''m just not surprised and completely jaded at this point.

Dewalt Right Angle Attachment for Drills and Drivers

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This time, we’re taking a look at this right angle adapter for your drill or impact driver, made by Dewalt. I picked this on Amazon for around $18, and if you want one for yourself, using the Amazon link in the description helps support my videos and the Cool Tools blog.

Sometimes you need to put a screw in a spot where your drill just can’t fit. I recently had this happen right here in my shed where I record these. I had to repair some of the rotten framing in the corner, but the spacing between the studs was so tight I couldn’t get my impact driver in there to screw in some new wood.

This attachment from Dewalt is specially made to get into tight spots. It can be used with any driver or drill chuck, not just Dewalt. By spinning the shaft, the adapter spins the screwdriver bit at a right angle.
The bit can face left, right, up or down, and you need to stabilize it with your other hand to direct it where you want to go, but it does the job.
One thing that surprised me about this adapter, but is actually pretty smart, is that you have to use a screwdriver or extra bit to eject whatever bit is in here. This helps minimize how much space the bit takes up

It’s also because Dewalt has this magnetic lip out in front of the bit that latches right onto your screw head and holds it flat, which is a great feature when your dangling the screw into a tight spot or over your head, and you don’t want it falling down.

[Cool Tools has a YouTube channel with many more tool reviews]

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4 days ago
i love this little bastard. the next time i see them on sale i’ll probably buy a second (and i really need to order one at work too, come to think of it).
Seymour, Indiana
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Milwaukee M12 Fuel Cut-Off Tool

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Milwaukee M12 Fuel Cut-Off Tool at NPS18

Milwaukee has added a new M12 Fuel 3″ compact cut-off tool (2522) to their ever-expanding lineup of M12 compact cordless power tools.

Milwaukee M12 Fuel Cut-Off Tool What Can it Cut

It’s said to be ideal for cutting:

  • Light to medium gauge metals
  • Metal conduit
  • Copper
  • Threaded rod
  • Tile (ceramic and porcelain)
  • Drywall
  • Fiber cement
  • PVC and other plastics
  • Other non-metallic building materials

Milwaukee M12 Fuel Cut-Off Tool One-Handed Grip

Milwaukee also says that it’s optimized for one-handed use.

It’s also the only cordless cut-off tool with reversible blade rotation.

Milwaukee M12 Fuel Cut-Off Tool with Dust Shroud

The new Milwaukee M12 Fuel brushless cut-off tool features a 20,000 RPM motor, 3″ blade size, 0.64″ cutting depth, and it comes with a dust accessory shoe, for cleaner work.

First-Look Video

Sorry for my amateurish camera work – I’ll practice! The video answers some questions you might have about the new cut-off tool. For example, why a reversible blade? So that you can push or pull the saw, depending on how you want to control the cut.

Price: $129 for the bare tool (2522-20), $199 for the kit (2522-21XC)

The kit comes with a 4.0Ah battery pack, charger, and contractor bag.

Notable Features and Specs

  • Compatible with 3″ wheels with 3/8″ arbor
  • Adapter included for use with Dremel Saw-Max accessories
  • Tool-free guard adjustment
  • 20,000 RPM
  • 0.64″ cutting depth
  • 8.9″ long x 4.7″ wide x 3.5″ height
  • Weighs 2.4 lbs with 4.0Ah XC battery

Included Blades

Milwaukee M12 Fuel Cut-Off Tool Blade Options

  • Metal cut-off wheel (49-94-3000)
  • Carbide abrasive cutting wheel (49-94-3005)
  • Diamond tile cutting wheel (49-94-3010)

Replacement blades are $10.50 – $10.99 for the abrasive or diamond cutting wheels, 3 for $15 for metal cut-off wheels..

Buy Now(via Tool Nut)
Buy Now(Kit via Acme Tool)
Buy Now(Bare Tool via Acme Tool)

ETA: September 2018

First Thoughts

We’ll have some more coverage up soon, but from what I saw at NPS18, it’s safe to say that this looked to be a very capable and versatile tool.

No, it doesn’t cut wood, but it looks to be able to cut nearly everything else.

Milwaukee M12 Fuel Cut-Off Tool

The new cut-off tool is fairly compact, and it’s hard to imagine what Milwaukee could have done to make it better.

Interestingly, when used to cut tile, it can be used wet or dry.

At Milwaukee’s new tool media event, the cut-off tool was shown off being used to cut larger pipe, with the pipe rotated against the blade.

Promo Video:

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4 days ago
yep. buying one of these. wish their damned m12 circ saw wasn’t quite such a choad though.
Seymour, Indiana
3 days ago
Damn it man, you've cost me over a grand in new tools over the past year. Owe you YET another beer for the awesomeness!
3 days ago
i like to think we are mostly square on the beers ;)
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Synology 2018 NAS and Wi-Fi Lineup Sneak Peek

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Yesterday we published an interview with Alex Wang, CEO of Synology America, and as part of that interview we were able to get a sneak peak into some of the new NAS and Wi-Fi products that Synology is planning to launch through to the end of 2018.


The company plans to introduce a follow-up to the RT2600ac released earlier this year. The new MR2200ac comes with mesh features. Similar to other mesh routers from the top tier vendors, the MR2200ac sports the Qualcomm IPQ4019 SoC with integrated dual-band Wi-Fi. The additional PCIe interface enables Synology to add a second 5 GHz radio, turning the MR2200ac into a tri-band router. Like the Netgear Orbi, the MR2200ac plans to use the second 5 GHz radio for backhaul purposes. Synology has built up on Qualcomm's Wi-Fi SON features to enable the MR2200ac to mesh with the RT2600ac (also Qualcomm-based). The RT1900ac, unfortunately, will not be compatible for meshing purposes. Synology is planning to bring in features such as easy parental control and threat prevention (antivirus / malware scanning etc.) to make their routers stand out in the crowded market.


In terms of subscription-based value additions for business users, Synology is launching Active Backup for Office 365 as part of their Active Backup suite. The Active Backup for Business service includes backup of virtual machines, instant recovery, full disk image backups with dedupe etc.


Being primarily focused on storage solutions, Synology will naturally offer several new NAS aimed at customers with different requirements later this year. In total there will be four new NAS products: two in a desktop form-factor and two in a rackmount form-factor. All four machines will support Synology’s typical NAS software with well-known capabilities.

  • DS619slim using an Intel Celeron J3355 and sporting 6x 2.5" drive bays
  • DS2419+ using the Intel C3538 Denverton processor and providing 12 bays in a desktop form factor.
  • RS1619xs+ using a Xeon CPU in a 1U form-factor and providing 4 bays
  • RS1219+ using the older Rangeley family CPU with 8 bays in a short-depth 2U form factor

The most basic of Synology’s upcoming NAS devices is the DS619slim aimed at small office/home office markets. The DS619slim is based on Intel’s dual-core Celeron J3355 SoC (Apollo Lake) outfitted with 2 GB – 8 GB of RAM. The NAS has six 2.5-inch bays for HDDs or SSDs, but it does not look that it supports caching on an SSD for additional performance (at least today’s entry-level NAS products from Synology do not support this feature). Meanwhile, since RAID stripe mode will be supported, we are still talking about read/write performance of about ~500 MB/s even with hard drives. As for network connectivity, the DS619slim will have two GbE ports.

A more powerful NAS that Synology will have later this year is the DS2419+. This NAS is powered by Intel’s quad-core Atom C3538 SoC (Denverton), is equipped with 4 – 32 GB of RAM as well as four GbE network connectors. The DS2419+ will have 12 bays and will support a PCIe slot for a caching M.2 SSD or a 10 GbE NIC.

Moving on to rackmount NAS for businesses that require a higher performance and/or more storage space. First up is the 1U RS1619xs+ NAS based on Intel’s quad-core Xeon processor clocked at 2.2 GHz and equipped with 8 – 64 GB of DDR4 memory with ECC. This NAS has four bays and two M.2. SSD slots for high-performance caching drives. By default, the RS1619xs+ will be equipped with four GbE LAN ports, but optionally Synology may install two 10 GbE NICs for those who have appropriate networks.

For customers who need a higher capacity, Synology will offer its 2U RS1219+ NAS featuring eight bays and powered by Intel’s quad-core Atom SoC and 2 – 16 GB of DDR3 memory. The machine will feature 4 GbE controllers by default or two optional 10 GbE ports for those who can use them.

Pricing of the new NAS units will be announced when Synology starts to offer them commercially.

Synology's NAS Due in 2H 2018
  DS619slim DS2419+ RS1619xs+ RS1219+
Form-Factor Desktop 1U 2U
SoC Dual-Core
Celeron J3355
Atom C3538
Quad-Core Xeon Quad-Core Atom
RAM 2 - 8 GB 4 - 32 GB 8 - 64 GB 2 - 16 GB
Number of Bays 6 12 4 8
Caching SSDs - M.2/NVMe
(or 10GbE)
2 × M.2 NVMe SSDs ?
Network Connectivity 2 × GbE 4 × GbE
or 1 × 10 GbE
4 × GbE
or 2 × 10 GbE

Related Reading

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8 days ago
the DS2419+ will probably be my next NAS. my 1512+ has served me so well; but it’s almost 7 years old.
Seymour, Indiana
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Samsung Shares New 'Ingenius' Ads Pitting New Galaxy Note 9 Against iPhone X

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Samsung today uploaded new ads in its ongoing "Ingenius" series that makes fun of the Apple Genius Bar and pits the iPhone X against Samsung's Galaxy devices.

In the first ad, called "Power," a customer tells the "genius" that the Galaxy Note is "really powerful." "You know what I think is powerful?" the genius replies. "Being able to unlock your phone with your face." "It does that too," the customer replies.

The genius bar then points out that on iOS 12, you can FaceTime up to 32 people. "Why would I ever want to do that though?" asks the customer.

In the second ad, entitled "Pen," a customer comes into the "ingenius bar" and asks about the difference between the Apple Pencil and the S Pen that comes with the Galaxy Note 9. "Well, the Apple Pencil only works on the iPad," says the genius. "Okay, so what can I use on my phone?" asks the customer. "Uh... your finger?" replies the genius.

Samsung's newest ads in the "Ingenius" series are promoting the Galaxy Note 9, a device that it launched just yesterday. The 6.4-inch Galaxy Note 9 is equipped with a Snapdragon 845 processor, which has been bested by the iPhone X, along with an iris scanner at the front and a fingerprint sensor at the back.

It works with the S Pen stylus, and while some rumors have suggested Apple is exploring an Apple Pencil option for the iPhone, it's not clear if that's something that will ever happen.

Samsung has shared several ads in the Ingenius series, making fun of the iPhone X's notch, lack of SD card, lack of multitasking capabilities, and the fact that there's no headphone jack, while highlighting the the faster LTE speeds and camera in the Galaxy S9.

Tag: Samsung

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8 days ago
love these ads. if for no other reason than they may get apple to take their Genius Bar shortcomings seriously.
Seymour, Indiana
5 days ago
I haven't seen these but it mirrors my experiences with the "Genius Bar" as of late. What I find detestable is how watered down the whole program has become, I certainly saw the writing on the wall back in '06 and '07 when I jumped ship. The internal hiring and promoting process is indiescriminate because Apple retail can't afford to be picky and go for top tier talent. Top tier talent demands higher pay firstly, and likely doesn't want to be hounded about sales attach rates while trying to work in a technical position. Plus the shitshow that is retail management in general and GAPple in particular. Nothing gets you going like a dumbass from a clothing store trying to manage technical assets.
5 days ago
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Apple Removes Infowars From Podcast Directory

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John Paczkowski and Charlie Warzel (MacRumors, Hacker News):

Apple moved first, striking the entire library for five of Infowars’ six podcasts from its iTunes and Podcasts apps. Among the podcasts, which were removed from Apple’s iTunes directory, are the show War Room and the popular Alex Jones Show podcast, which is hosted daily by the prominent conspiracy theorist.

After that, platforms that have come under far more scrutiny for hosting Jones and his content — Facebook and YouTube — quickly followed suit after long and tortured deliberations. Spotify also did the same.

Facebook (via Valentina Palladino):

We believe in giving people a voice, but we also want everyone using Facebook to feel safe. It’s why we have Community Standards and remove anything that violates them, including hate speech that attacks or dehumanizes others. Earlier today, we removed four Pages belonging to Alex Jones for repeatedly posting content over the past several days that breaks those Community Standards.

BuzzFeed started off talking about the conspiracy theories and that Jones “claimed he was delivering news but didn’t deal in facts,” but in all cases the stated reason for removal was hate speech rather than the informational content of the podcasts.

Update (2018-08-07): Manton Reece:

Facebook and YouTube are conflicted about how to handle this because their model is wrong. Unlike podcasts and blogs, which can live at a custom domain and move between hosting companies, videos on Facebook and YouTube are served directly on those platforms. If the videos are blocked, especially by YouTube which controls nearly all video on the web, there’s no obvious migration path away.

John Gruber:

I’m curious if these companies did this in cooperation, or if Apple acted alone and Facebook and YouTube followed in their wake. It sounds like this was Apple acting on its own and YouTube and Facebook followed their lead.

Kif Leswing:

But if the same person were to fire up the Apple App Store and search for Infowars, they’d pull up Infowars Official, a free app that opens up directly into a feed topped with the most recent video of the Alex Jones Show, which can be viewed live, or listened to as background audio.


The Infowars app doesn’t contain back episodes of the Alex Jones Show, meaning you can’t use it to find the content affected by Apple’s decision.

Shoshana Wodinsky:

Following these removals, the Infowars app was flooded with five-star reviews championing the idea of free speech, with titles like “Infowars WILL NOT be silenced.”

Steve Kovach:

InfoWars is now number 4 in the Apple App Store news category, above CNN and Fox News.

Marco Arment:

Overcast quietly removed Infowars from search last week.

Soon, people noticed, the word spread, and now, business is UP.

Enforcing policies against hate speech on your platform is good for humanity AND good for business.

Josh Centers:

Apple doesn’t host podcasts. As far as I know, the Podcasts app doesn’t prevent you from subscribing to anything you’d like. It’s merely a directory, and they decided to not promote certain podcasts.

Marco Arment:

Overcast doesn’t block any feed URLs from being entered manually.

But I care quite a bit if my app is promoting illegal/hate/etc. content in its search and recommendations.

(Not only is that horrible, I’d be risking removal from the App Store.)

John Whitehouse:

In a statement to Media Matters, MailChimp confirmed it has removed the accounts for Infowars, citing “hateful content”[…]

See also: The Outline.

Update (2018-08-08): Jack Dorsey:

We didn’t suspend Alex Jones or Infowars yesterday. We know that’s hard for many but the reason is simple: he hasn’t violated our rules. We’ll enforce if he does. And we’ll continue to promote a healthy conversational environment by ensuring tweets aren’t artificially amplified.

Truth is we’ve been terrible at explaining our decisions in the past. We’re fixing that. We’re going to hold Jones to the same standard we hold to every account, not taking one-off actions to make us feel good in the short term, and adding fuel to new conspiracy theories.

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10 days ago
i’m fine with some of these nut jobs thinking the world is out to get them. because for a bunch of them, they probably have enough demons in their history to warrant it.
Seymour, Indiana
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